Saturday, August 29, 2009

Made it to Arequipa

Well, we actually didn't a 2 hour delay at the airport, which was an answer to prayer.

We arrived in Arequipa around 5:30, where members of the Extreme Team picked us up, and we all loaded our luggage and everyone into a little bus that took us to the language school we will be going to for the next 3 months. Our host families picked us up and took us to our homes.

Our family is very nice. We slept for about 1.5 hours, and then we ate breakfast. It was very good. Then we slept more! We then got ready and ate lunch, which is usually the big meal of the day in Peru at 2:00. We had a Chinese & Peruvian fusion. It was much like fried rice but with better flavor. It was very good.

Then we took a taxi to meet with some from the Extreme office, got a feel of traveling around the city on a bus from the school to the Extreme office. Then we went out to eat at a place called El Tablone, where we had some very good rotisserie type chicken. We just got back the house to go to bed.

We will meet everyone at the Extreme office in the morning at 9:30, where we will be split up to go to one of the churches we've been assigned to for worship. We're told that services in Peru are long, which will be different than American culture.

We start language school on Monday! No rest for the weary.

Exhausted in Lima

We woke up this morning at 3:15 am LA time and headed for Peru. We had a layover in Mexico City for a few hours, and arrived in Lima, Peru, at 11:30 pm Central Time. We were supposed to fly to Arequipa at 3:40 am, but our flight was delayed 2 hours. Fun times traveling. It'll all be over soon!

The kids are doing great, exhausted, but great.

Thanks for everyone's prayers!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

LA Craziness

We flew out of Tulsa on Sunday for LA. It was a crazy day by the time we traveled, had dinner at 10ish Central time, and got to bed.

God is giving us strength. It's a lot to go through orientation all day and manage the family with a new time zone! We had someone watch the kids, which was a big help.

We finished up Cross Cultural Orientation today, and we start Extreme Orientation tomorrow.

Thanks for continuing to pray for us.

Grace and Peace,

Kevin and the family

Monday, August 17, 2009

Arkansas Traveler

Well...we packed up all our stuff and put it in storage, and then loaded up our van with all our belonging for the next 27 months and headed for Wichita.

We visited Heather's Mom's family for a few days and had a great time. We're good to go financially for the next 27 months! After receiving pledges from family members there!

We left yesterday (Sunday) for Springdale, AR, where Kevin's family lives. We're excited about spending the week with Nana and Papaw.

Only one week till we fly to LA for oreintation, and then to Peru on the 27th...crazy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Last minute packing...

We'll we had our garage sale on Fri and Sat. It went really well. It was an answer to prayer that we were able to sell most of the things we needed to sell.

Our last Sunday at the Alliance Church of the Nazarene was yesterday. It was a good day even though there were many tears. The people of Alliance Nazarene have been very good to us, and we've had so much that's happened in our lives in those 6 years. We will miss them!

We have our District Family Camp this week, and the Extreme Nazarene Trailer will be there tomorrow and Wednesday! We'll be sharing on Wednesday night what we're doing, and there will be a love offering taken.

Today we've been doing final packing...loads of fun!

We'll move our stuff into storage on Thursday, and then head out that afternoon to Arkansas to be with my family for a week before we fly to LA.

It's all happening so fast! God is giving the strength we need and providing in so many ways.