Thursday, September 17, 2009

God is already doing his work!

I am in the afternoon Spanish class with one other student, Tim, who is a 40/40. We have two professors. One for the first 2 hours and another for the second 2 hours. One of the class times focuses more on practicing conversation. So last week one professor asked more about why we were here, and we also talked about his church experience. He grew up Catholic, but doesn't have anything to do with it now. He talks a lot about some of the wrongs he has seen in the church here in Arequipa. We we able to share a little bit of our testimony with him.

Yesterday we had another serious conversation. At first it was just practicing conversing in Spanish. But after a little time the conversation turned to how did we decide to come to Peru. We talked about the materialism of our cultures and the emptiness that brings. He was asking how one changes from that, and we told him how Jesus transforms life and gives meaning. He said that he had this emptiness, and we shared how God had filled our emptiness when we fully relinquished our lives to Him. I asked how we could pray for him and he said for the emptiness. He said that he thinks he might go to church on Sunday!

So please pray for this professor!


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