Thursday, November 19, 2009

Headed for Lima and Iquitos

We finished our language studies in Arequippa last week, and we have been busy buying necessary things and packing this week. We leave today for Lima for a few days of team-building, and then on Sunday we fly for Iquitos.

We appreciate everyone's prayers as we travel.

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  1. Dear Simpsons,

    My name is Pam McAbee and I live in Iquitos. I am the missionary in residence for Amazon Mission Fellowship and Medical Missions of Iquitos. I received a link to your blog from my pastor in the U.S. While AMF is interdenominational, we work primarily with Presbyterian churches here in Iquitos and in 6 jungle villages along the Amazon.

    I wanted to contact you to let you know that my prayers are with you as I understand the transition you are undergoing, and to say that I would like to meet you once you are here and settled. It is nice to have another English speaker to talk to from time to time. It is also nice to know someone has been through the same ups and downs.

    My email address is - please feel free to email me. I live in the center of the city on Napo St. Where will you be living?

    Again, my prayers are with you and hope that we will have the pleasure of meeting and becoming acquainted in the future.