Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good day

Today, Kevin went to Masusa with Katie, Juliana, and Eliseo. Eliseo works in Arequipa with Extreme doing videography and graphic design. He came to Iquitos for a few days to record some video of our 40/40's. I went with them today to provide a little more security...Kevin the "body guard!" Masusa is a very poor area, and we had some equipment we didn't want stolen. We visited 3 houses for discipleship. Katie and Juliana are doing a great job working. There are great teachers, very patient, helpful, and encouraging for these new followers of Jesus! All of our 40/40's are doing a great job in their work.

Then tonight Kevin went to 9 of October, an area where one of our pair is planting a church, and we showed the Jesus film in a little plaza. There were about 80 people watching the movie. At the end the district superintendent gave the invitation, and 16 people responded by turning their lives over to Jesus!

A long, but encouraging day!

Last Sunday, a group of us went to Tamshiyacu, a small city down the Amazon about 1.5 hours where one of our pairs is planting a church. Kevin wasn't able to go because he was sick, but Heather, Anna, Micah, and others from our group went. They had a baptismal service followed by a time of fellowship with this new community of Jesus followers. There were 8 people baptized! It was a great day. God is transforming lives!

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